Style your Soul


5 Questions to Eyenie Schultz, SoulStyle Queen (and unicorn lover)

Once you create your personality based brand, you want to go out and flaunt it. And a big part of that is your personal style. If you're a little unsure in that department, help is here!

I discovered Eyenie {eh-zjeh-knee} a few months back, and instantly fell in love with her work and energy. I got a feeling you might too, so I asked her 5 questions that will help you learn more about her, and what you can do today to make your style more awesome, more YOU. Let's jump right in...


Eyenie, thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're doing?

Eyenie: I'm a SoulStyle Coach and Visibility Facilitator, and I help kick-ass, creative entrepreneurs and artists to discover, embrace and confidently reveal their unique Style Voice so that they can feel more like themselves, and go after whatever they want in life!! But if I boil it down and just get down to the nitty gritty, I pretty much accompany my clients and give them permission to express who they really are through what they wear. It’s soooo effing delicious…


Why is creating a signature style so important?

Eyenie: Style is a visual expression of a person’s energy, core, soul, essence… It helps to communicate who they are, and what their mission is on this planet. For me, an artist screams what they have inside of themselves and what they're feeling through their paintings or music or writing using their unique style and voice… personal style and how we adorn ourselves with garments and accessories makes us feel more authentically like ourselves, which is profoundly empowering. Plus, it is an easy peasy way to tell the world how you’re showing up, what you can do for it, and why you’re so kick-ass and unique… without uttering a word!! That’s some NEON powerful shit right there!!


When someone comes to you for help with creating new signature style, how do you go about it?

Eyenie: I LOVE this question and the magical journey I take my clients through!!! It’s basically three steps: First, we get rid of the yuck and muck: blocks, old stories and limiting beliefs... whatever is holding them back from really being like, BOOM! Here I am, yo!!! It's basically a mindset makeover to create a solid platform for what's to follow.

Second, we go in and rediscover what they already have in their closet to optimize it and use it in ways they would've never imagined... it really helps to have an outside perspective with your wardrobe to push through comfort zones and let your creativity flow. It is here that we start exploring their unique energy and essence as a person to later incorporate that...

Finally, we take it up a notch and define the person's authentic and unique signature style voice. Everyone's is *totally* different!  Using that, we go shopping to find looks that are SOOOO very them, and showcase what they've got. Once they've gone through all of this, the person is clear on how to express exactly who they are on a daily basis.  It’s really fun and exciting because I watch these amazing people rediscover themselves, what they love, what they feel, what they desire, and in a way, it’s like they journey back to the center of themselves! Yum.

One HUGE part of what I teach my clients is how to use clothing to feel how they want to feel, and to use their intuition when putting looks and outfits together. That is what artists already do in some capacity!! For someone who is working a 9–5 job and in their cubicle all day, it may become challenging to ask that question every morning since their days may be similar - meetings, typing, phone calls, email, then home. With an artist though, especially one who is ready to get visible and out there, there are perhaps more opportunities to really have fun and experiment and play and wear things that someone in a corporate setting would not really be able to wear to work - exhibitions, concerts, shows, photo shoots, etc. For artists, there may be more of a context for really expressing their unique style unabashedly, and that can open their personal style opportunities wide open, and allow them to dress more like their most WOW selves, without restrictions!


How did you discover your own SoulStyle and can you give us a taste of the magic that happened once you did?

Eyenie: I think I'm always discovering little new parts of my SoulStyle every day as I grow and evolve and get more courageous! But, from the time I was very small, I remember being in love with certain aesthetics and styles - a lot of them vintage and glam-rock and vampy, hahahah - and gathering that information in my head. Inside, I always knew what I loved and how I wished I could look, so my real challenge was having the courage to actually express it outwardly! I In my business, the more I express who I am through what I wear, the more understood I feel... the more my clients are excited to work with me... the more authentic and kick-ass and free I am! Honestly, the magic it has brought has been visibility and confidence! YAY!


What is one thing anyone reading this can do today to get closer to their signature style?

Eyenie: Tap into what you LOLOLOVE! Pay attention to songs, textures, sounds, designs, movies, etc. that make you feel how you want to feel - that give you butterflies or make you feel giddy - and make note of them. Then, surround yourself with more of these things!! The more you know what you love, the easier it is for you to choose clothes and accessories and ways to put them together that are in alignment with your truest most authentic-est and amazing self!! And just have FUN! Don’t overthink it at all! In fact, throw rules and thinking out the window and just play… you’ll be astounded by what you see in the mirror when you just give yourself permission to explore!!!


Eyenie {eh-zjeh-knee} is a SoulStyle Coach who helps artists and creative entrepreneurs discover, embrace, and confidently reveal their unique beauty through their signature style.