Instead of Picking Your Nose? Pick This!


If there's one piece of advice that has the power to change lives, this is it:

Don't wait for someone to give you an opportunity. (Who IS this ominous someone everybody's talking about, anyway?)

Make your own.

How, you ask? 

Raise your hand.

Make an offer and ask for the sale, the collab, the gig.

Pick yourself.

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People love to say yes (else we wouldn't have people getting married for the 4th time). And the right ones love saying yes to you. But, you need to come out of hiding and make your offer first.

Decide who you want to be and tell the world. Build your brand. Stand for something meaningful. And don't apologize for it.

Hint: If you find yourself thinking to yourself: 'Who am I to consider myself for this?!' - you're on the right track.

So go and do great things! The world needs it.


Sophia LovettComment