Building Your Brand Is An Art. Your Art!

You see - your brand is not just a brand.

It's an expression of your core, and a statement to the world declaring who you are, attracting all the right people into your world.

Building a personality based brand is no rocket science - it's a strategy. And combined with your art and creativity, the results are darn close to magic. 

What awaits when you get this right? A more authentic, more fulfilling and more rewarding career. Which also means: More fame, more fans and more fun! (What more could a creative want?)

Good news: Building YOUR brand is an art I love, and over the years I have developed different ways to help you with what you need right now.

I you need help with your decision drop me a line and I'll help you with it, or book a one-off session right here. Either way, I got your back!


The 80/20 of personality based brand building.

4 weeks - 1 goal. Build a brand that is 100 % you, and 100 % cool.

Get to know yourself on a whole new level, pinpoint your message and learn to express it in a way that captures the hearts of raving fans and attracts a team of supporters into your world.

Right if you want: The leanest way and the quickest results and aren't afraid to get working. Perfect if you're intermediate or just starting out.

Click below to find out more. We'll talk to find out if this is the next step for you. If you've already made up your mind contact me and I'll send you the link to get started right away.


 - most popular -

The master course in becoming rock solid in your creative career.

Go on a holistic adventure to move from invisible to invincible, with me, Sophia, as your guide by your side.

Includes: Deep dive into building your heart core brand, your plan of action and implementation, and a special mindset section to make you unstoppable.

Right for you if: You want to give yourself a head start and build a rock solid brand with expert help and accountability, and extra skills in flexing your creative middle finger. Ideal if you already have some experience and are ready to play big.

Send me a note below and we'll talk - sans the pressure. I'll walk you through the whole program and together we'll find out if it's right for you. 

- complete transformation - 

Branding Workshop For Your Band or Business

Effective branding for creative undertakings.

Right if you want your business to bring:

More fun, fame & fortunes

- in person experience - 


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