2 Minutes to a Better Performance

(Maybe even between the sheets. Who knows?)

Ever since my first trip to SXSW*, I've been really into life hacks**.

It's kinda cool how you just need to tweak a few things and suddenly your body becomes like that of a super hero, able to do things you were previously only able to dream about. It's amazing. Fold your shirts in nanoseconds! Optimize your caffein input! Sleep like superman! All possible! Maybe.

And then you stumble over something that is different.

It solves a problem you actually have. It's super simple to learn and implement. And it actually makes your life better. Backed by science. And tried and confirmed by yours truly.

So without further ado, here is the video. It will show you how to become a better performer with just two minutes of additional prep time, be that on stage, in interviews or even everyday life.

The secret are power poses, which lower cortisol and increase testosterone in your body and in return make you more alert, calm, confident, and articulate. In short: a better performer. In all areas of life.

This boils down to 3 simple action steps:

Step 1: Go and sit with your feet on the desk and your hands behind your head for one minute.

Srep 2: And then stand like that for another minute. (picture)

Step 3: Go and perform.

Have you tried this? How do YOU get ready for a gig? Don't keep your wisdom to yourself and leave a comment below.


* big ass interactive+music conference in Austin, Texas

** fancy word for 'uncommon solution for common problems'