When doing Your Job, Leave the Vanilla in your Freezer


Vanilla will kill you.
The only time you should consciously choose it is when you’re serving ice-cream for dessert and you don’t know what flavor your guests like. Vanilla is the flavor that not many people love, but no one really hates it, either.

(Coincidentally I am one of those rare creatures who love it. When I was young, my mother convinced me and my siblings that this was our favorite ice cream flavor, as she didn't want to deal with getting chocolate stains out of our clothes. Clever woman, dat!)

In terms of dessert, vanilla is the smallest common denominator. When it comes to being a good host that’s a good thing. But, when it comes to your career, it’s not.
In your professional life, vanilla will kill you. So don’t (ever!) try to sort-of-please everybody. Please those that matter the most. ( And, give them chocolate truffle with a hint of aged bourbon.)

Sophia LovettComment