What's your 'thing'?

Aka: Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

You've met them before.

They rock.

The songwriting is excellent, they communicate with the audience, play energetic live shows and put effort into making them entertaining.

Many bands have what it takes – sort of. But unless there is something unique about them, people will just go home and forget about them.

When wanting to make money, bands, artists and businesses are very much alike.

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One of the things they absolutely must have is their own 'thing', or in marketing speak, a unique selling point, in short USP. And you my dear? Need one, too!

Now, don’t fret, it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. You really don't need to call it your USP either.

All it means is that there must be something special about you, something unique that people recognize and associate with you. An easy way to find your first 'something' is your style. Let's look into the world of rock'n'roll for some examples.

When thinking about USPs, things like the following come to mind: the rock band with the metal attitude and black & white make up (KISS), the guy with motorcycle helmet and built in telephone (Bob Log III, also pictured above), the guy with the distinctive voice and singing style (Alice Cooper), the band with the blond female singer with a retro do and bindi (old school No Doubt).

Some of these examples might be a bit more extravagant than what is comfortable for you. Especially so if your field doesn't scream 'creative artist.' That’s absolutely fine. A unique selling point works best when it’s authentic, and something subtle sometimes works just as well. However, to be completely frank, bolder can be better. So no need to be shy.

When trying to find your USP, think about what you like outside of your primary field of expertise.

What shows, activities, looks, costumes, characters, other art forms come to mind? How would you describe your most freakish side? What’s your favorite theme party costume? Find a certain look, a different singing or speaking style, accessories, gestures, accents... The possibilities are endless!

There are too many bands out there that play good music, artists with amazing technical skills, and entrepreneurs with passion and commitment -  that are lacking that ‘certain something’, and as a result success. Don’t be one of them! Come up with a few ideas and share in the comments below. And if you’d like some help with pin-pointing your special thing – well, you're in the right place.

Image: Bob Log |||

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