launch your Music career in 4 weeks

even if you have no manager, your last gig wasn't paid and your neighbor's cat has more social media fans than you do


Let's look at the facts: INDIE  Music is a massively growing Force in the music market making over 6 billion dollar in sales in 2016 - and yet there are 4 million songs on Spotify that haven't been played once.

There's something wrong with this picture. Are you getting a slice of the cake, or are you still your own best kept secret?

The music industry has changed completely over the last decade, and with it the rules that lead to success. It's a very exciting time for artists, who for the first time in history have all the power and tools needed to make it at their disposal.

You no longer need to wait to get discovered by a sleazy manager who will turn you into 'the new Madonna' and take a huge cut of your income.

Today, it's up to you. You can build your own website, book your own gigs, get your butt on social media and upload your latest song to youtube. It's all in your hands.

Sh*t! You realize - IT'S. ALL. IN. YOUR. HANDS. 

That is - a lot!

So you go and read any blog you can get your hands on, you create 5 different social media profiles, you try new marketing strategies, you play birthdays and tiny clubs, you print flyers and create facebook events and network and write to blogs and you still have 30 items on your to do list by the time you fall into bed. Your head is spinning. Same thing tomorrow. Hopefully with better results.

Does this sound like you?

You love your art, but the business and marketing side of it makes doing day old dishes look appealing.

You cringe a little and sound like a timid 5 year old when people ask you to describe your art. And then you're never quite sure if they got it.

Every so called expert out there tells you something different about how to proceed and it has your head spinning.

You spend too much time following random folks in hopes of getting a like back instead of new fans finding you, sharing your songs and buying from you.

You're overwhelmed by social media, where to be, what to post... Your profile looks different on each platform and you should update them all.

You'd really like to know how you could get exposure on blogs and other media.

And you sometimes wonder if it's even worth it and you secretly wish that it was easier, that it shouldn't have to be this hard. Can't people just recognize that you do awesome sh♥︎t, without you having to tell them?!? Where is that fairy godmother when you need it?!

I have good news:

There is a better way to grow your audience and create an authentic, more fulfilling and more rewarding career. 

You've written killer songs, you're a force on stage (even though you still get really nervous).

It's time to get known, seen and heard - on your own terms.

And even more importantly, get there quickly, without breaking the bank.

How, you ask? Hi, I am Sophia Lovett, and I have developed a program with specifically you in mind.



It's a short-cut to your success in music. It puts you in the driver's seat of your creative career and leads you from invisible to invincible!

(Even if right now you have no homepage, you're still recording your first record and your existing fans haven't heard from you in... forever.)

You will achieve this by building your own personality based brand, and making it come to life by putting it out there and into action. 

If this sounds a little business-y, fret not. Because this is not like many of the other branding programs out there. You won't mindlessly rehearse elevator pitches, worry about logos, or the key word density of your LinkedIn profile.

Together, you and I will discover and pinpoint your true essence, what it really is that makes you you, and then find the best way to express it to the world. You will feel great about it. And you won't need to pretend or hide one bit. Because despite what some branding agencies out there are trying to make you believe - you are the expert of you, and your audience wants exactly that special thing you bring to the table.

As an artist, you cannot simply make a clean cut between your life and your career. I honor this!

Sound good? Yes? I had a feeling you might say that. So let's look at some details.

Heart Core Brand 101 is perfect for you if

  • you are a musician, artist, creative or entrepreneur who wants to be in charge of their own life and career
  • you want to be recognized for your art and what you have to say - not just for your crazy sex appeal 
  • you're ready to put in some work now to make your life a whole lot easier in the long run
  • you want to save a lot of money, time and effort by doing things right and effectively
  • you know you have something to bring into this world
  • you're either working on your brand for the first time or you are ready to get real and do it a little differently this time around

Said yes more than once? Awesome, and welcome to the family! You can skip the next paragraph and jump straight to the juicy bits...

Not sure? This probably isn't for you if

  • you want others to do the heavy lifting for you
  • you're looking for a get-rich-quick fix (though I'm not saying that this couldn't happen to you)
  • you just want somebody to create a website with a pretty logo for you
  • or you're simply happy where you are now and don't want anything to change

I invite you to join me and other artists on a mission On a 30 day Journey to build your brand, take charge of your career, and get known for what you stand for.

This is what we'll cover:


Module 1 - All About... You

Reimagine what's possible for you so you can go and make it happen. You'll dig deep and get to know yourself better than ever before. I'll help you rediscover all those awesome parts that you may have forgotten about, that are the secret to you living your best life. This will make you aware of what you want, and what you're really good at, and lay the foundation for our work together. We'll cover

  • The most important questions to ask to get to know yourself better than before
  • Reimagine what's possible for you so you can go make it happen
  • The reason why you don't need to worry about a work-life balance and what to focus on instead
  • Your most overlooked "secret weapon" on your road to success which will change your game 

Module 2 - Your Mission

You are important just as you are, but you are also part of something bigger. We'll pinpoint exactly what that is. That way you'll have a star to guide you and something to hold onto when times get a little harder. And let's face it, they will. Includes

  • The top benefits of becoming part of something bigger than yourself
  • Your big WHY
  • Remove doubts & increase your confidence so you can do twice as much with less effort
  • The best thing to remind yourself of whenever things get tough - so you stay on track and make your dreams happen

Module 3 - Your Perfect Person

Who is it and why is it important to know? Getting to know your perfect person, sometimes called your target audience or ideal client avatar, makes all the difference in your marketing. Once you're clear you know exactly how, and where, to reach that awesome person who's already out there waiting for you. You'll adore this module. We'll cover

  • Why you need to stop targeting demographics 
  • What to do instead so you can build real relationships
  • The clever way to really get to know your perfect person
  • A sure fire technique to figure out exactly what your audience wants

Module 4 - Your Plan of Action

It's time to put it all together and bring your newly created brand to life. You will create your Brand DNA document and get into action! Your Brand DNA will contain all the elements that make up your brand. This will guide you from now on, and it will also help everybody who becomes part of your team, or whom you hire to do work for you, understand what you want. You'll be surprised how easy this gets once you've worked and gotten clear on the previous steps. This is when the real magic happens. You will

  • Create your Brand DNA, a document which will be your guide from here on, saving you time and making you money
  • Learn how to have conversations instead of an elevator pitch 
  • Find out if you need a logo, or what to use instead 
  • Pinpoint the exact words to use in your written communication so you captivate the hearts of your fans 
  • Discover your unique topics to engage your following on social media
  • Write a rock star bio to use on social media, so you connect in an instant


As soon as you sign up for Heart Core Brand 101 things will start rolling. I will send you a personal welcome email with a link to schedule our welcome chat within 24 hours. We will talk each week and work through the modules, and you will receive instructions and questionnaires to guide your work. You have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal feedback along the way.

No one gets left behind, if you're in, I'm in and I'll make sure you receive everything you need to succeed.

Quite exciting, don't you think? This time next month your life and career could look  - and feel - a whole lotta different!


So who am I?


I'm Sophia Lovett, aka. your biggest fan. I've been a part of the creative world, on and off stage, ever since I was just a kid. I'm also a former band manager, journalist, music business coach and founder of the Boss Artist Series. I use this experience to empower artists and build brands - the good way!

Over the years I have seen too much talent hidden away in rehearsal rooms and drop box files. It's time to get the good stuff out there. This program is the distilled essence of years of study and experience so you can jump straight in without losing any more time and energy. 

I'm on a mission to help creatives bring out the best of themselves and share their gift with the world - all while creating careers that love them back. If there's a better way to do something, I will find it and share it with you.


Got questions? I have answers!

Q: I'm neither an artist nor an entrepreneur. Will the course still make sense for me?

A: Great question! If what you read speaks to you then most likely, yes. Truth be told, EVERYBODY can benefit from building a brand, no matter if you have a job, are self employed, an artists or a business owner. This program was created specifically with creatives in mind, the core information however really is universally applicable. And if needed I can tweak things a little bit for you.

Q: What if I'm not very creative?

A: First of all, you're probably much more creative than you think you are. Second, while I created this course with creatives in mind, truth be told, anyone who wants more out of their professional life can benefit from building a brand. If you want to become your best version, this program is for you.

Q: I'm just starting out. Is Heart Core Brand 101 right for me?

A: Yes, absolutely. This will help you do things right the first time around and save you a lot of time, money and grey hairs in the long run.

Q:  I'm not sure if I can afford to invest any money in my career right now. What should I do?

A: The better question is this: Can you afford not to? If you're not where you want to be in your career right now, you need to make some changes. Right now you're leaving money on the table. Don't look at how much you need to invest, but whether the investment will pay for itself or not. How many gigs or sales do you need to make from implementing what you'll be learning in the training to make this program worth it? If you need to pay in installments, drop me a line.

Q: At what time will the calls take place? What if I can't make it?

A: You will be able to schedule a time that suits you.

Q: My credit card isn't in EUR. Will that be a problem?

A: Not at all. We welcome international clients and PayPal will automatically take care of any converting.

Q: How long do I have to make my decision?

A: You can sign up at the above rate as long as you you see the option. However - please note that the rate shown above will go up in the future, so lock it in while you have the chance! Also please note that I schedule appointments on a first come first serve basis. While I don't take on more clients than I can handle, the earlier you book the more times you have to choose from.

Time will pass regardless - make these next 4 weeks yours!

Your one-time investment: 399 €

All major credit cards accepted.