The Fame - Branding Workshop

Create a brand you're proud of and that your audience can't resist.

A strong, clear brand is key to attracting your ideal audience, online and out in the real world.

  • Are your marketing efforts not getting the results you aim for?

  • You pause when people ask "What do you do?"

  • Not making the money you know you deserve?

  • You're running after clients instead of them coming to you?

  • You feel overwhelmed, and think it really shouldn't have to be this hard?

Read on, the solution is here.


Turn casual consumers into loyal fans, and take the leap from invisible to invincible.

What awaits? More fans, more fame, more money & more fun!

Just some of the benefits of building a personality based brand:

  • Get a clear direction ➡ Save time, money and energy by focusing on what's right for you

  • Break free from worry about direct competition ➡ get paid what you're worth and sleep like an angel (if that's your thing)

  • Authenticity ➡ Increase trust and likeability

  • Get known for what you stand for ➡ instant expert status

  • Easily connect with your perfect people (also called your target market)

  • Increased attention ➡ cut through the noise

  • More efficient marketing ➡ Better results and lower marketing costs!

>> Now with an extra dose of personality for your creative business.

Exactly what you need.

Inquire below. In English or German, either works for us.

This is a real life, in-person workshop.

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