Learn to Connect with your audience using the power of your authentic story in 60 minutes


Craft your story so you reach your fans, the industry and relevant media in a powerful way without becoming a sleazy sell-out, stuttering like a drunken sailor or losing sleep over trying to come up with something interesting.



Join me, Sophia Lovett, and your brother and sister creatives for a free no fluff, only what you need to know storytelling masterclass especially designed for artists who want more.

As a creative and a human being you already are fantastic at telling stories. Let's use this talent for your marketing!

You will leave knowing the exact steps to craft and share the most powerful version of your real story using psychological triggers, and we will take the guess work out of it with a simple framework you can use in any situation to win the right people over.

You will also learn how to turn any of your stories into a conversation sparker, no matter where you are - even at your next party where you don't know anybody but the host.

We will make you look good, and stand out from the pack.

Let's spend an hour together! 



Your host Sophia Lovett Creative Brand Strategist


Snap! The masterclass is already over. If you really really wanted in send me an email at sophia(at)sophialovett.com


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